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The room was moved to the old kitchen. After removing the wall in the middle a compartmente was made - neither big nor small - of the two existing rooms. Inside the wardrobe there is still the chiminey covered with wood, that was not demolished. The mini-closet, right by its side, occupied the place of the bath, since, the baths were taken in the kitchen. It was hotter!….near the door, with a stone framework there is a small den, where the toilet was, and that is now the laundry. There is also a small terrace at the back of the apartment, from where you can see closed balconies and roofs.






We adapt ideas to the space "This kind of demolition must be carried out while constantly observing the surrounding walls and the slab above. This means it's a slow demolition, and that you can only quantify and qualify the type of supporting structure to be be placed afterwards.

We rebuilt old-fashioned walls, with wooden frameworks and traditional lime plasters, and we do not use in this kind of work incompatible materials. In order to be able to use stone in wood zones non lesser old construction techniques are used.

he room was extended into the terrace, and the toilet zone became a small laudry. And there still is a small area to be in the open air and enjoy the neighbourhood.

"Casa Cláudia" Magazine - Photographer José Miguel Figueiredo




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