Do you have an old house?

Then you should know that is possible to rebuild old-fashioned houses,And that even though your house is abandoned and has no roof, It can no doubt become the house of your dreams.

To take old houses and make of them old-fashioned houses is for us an art and a challenge.

Our team of specialized technicians concentrates all its efforts in this special activity, renovating and recuperating houses and buildings from their plant.

Our main purpose is to recuperate everything that can be recuperated, with techinques that do not pervert and do not adulterate the real estate architectonic patrimony. Each project tries to make the best of the existing house harmony, adapting it to all the modern life conforts, and taking always notice of the plant and original buiding materials. Especially as far as old rural houses are concerned, this method avvoids spoilling the environment, since our rebuilding solutions do fit the rural architectonic image.

Each renovation or rebuilding project can have an inicial phase in which we help the client to buy an old-fashioned house to be his/hers first or second house. We can advise him/her on the costs, the conditions of the house and what kind of improvements can be done. Afterwards a rebuilding project is drawn (if there isn't one yet) and the repairs are done.

The contact with the client is as personalized as possible, motivating the client to participate in the works, by attending meetings and showing up frequently at the site. This allows us to easily solve all the unexpected problems very commun in this kind of activity.

We are working in this specific field since 1993. And it is our aim to give the client the oportunity to rebuild instead of buying new.


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