"Old fashioned houses are the only field in which the past still has future"

Detail of the building before being renovated

When we travel across our country we find several buildings serving as second houses looking abandoned, semi-destroyed or even ruined. We can at the same time see many buildings that are being purchased, renovated or rebuilt.

Those who buy them, see themselves again in a space full of potencialities, in a breathtaking place, in a house project that will be a dream come true.

The results are sometimes sensational. What seemed impossible at the beginning, starts to take shape and comes true in a few months.

The text explains all the work done. It is not enough to want to recuperate, it is necessary to know the inherited pathologies, the building techniques and the suitable materials. Then come the secrets of rebuilding. The result is there to see…BE SURPRISED!

The house is about 150 years old. It was possible to determine the age of the house through the dates inscribed in the roof tiles (many craftsman of that period not only signed their work but dated them also, wich is very important for us today). It was built with stone pitching with filled joints and continuous and direct foundations. There was no water, electricity nor sewerage systems. It presented several pathologies as far as the stuccos, woods and walls were concerned.

  "Casas de Portugal" Magazine - Photographer Nuno Martinho




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