"Old fashioned houses are the only field in which the past still has future"

Details of the house after the renovation works. The outside walls are whitewashed. In the inside renovations and floors we used local irregular stones.

Concrete kerbs were used to imitate rustical stone in marking the drives.

Another problem that this kind of renovation brings is where to put the meters, without adulterating or weakening the house. It is the responsibility of the municipality for the time being. In this case, as we have stone pitching with filled joints walls and it is difficult to do any holes, we decided to narrow a little bit the entrance gate and put the mentioned meters on the outside wall, thus avvoiding the consequent weakening of the inside walls and having to find the best place for them.
We can see in the photo the wall limiting the house grounds, built in stone and lime mortar. This wall has now a rain water collecting gutter that leads the water directly to the water-tank to be used in the cleaning and watering.









  "Casas de Portugal" Magazine - Photographer Nuno Martinho




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