6- Due to the dimension and display of the house, which is not possible to detect from outside, we created two more bathrooms to serve the bedrooms and the first floor. When creating the new bathrooms we used materials compatible with their location and with the kind of existing structure, namely, wood structure and floor. The material used for instance, in building the partition walls was plaster in boards with wooden structure so as to avvoid overburdening the existing structure.

7- The whole water distribution system was replaced by a new inox one, embedded so as not to remain visible.

8- The sewage and electricity systems were also replaced. The last one having several deviations so as to save the mural painting in the corridor.

9- At the level of the external facings in stone pitching with lime filled joints, all the stuccos that were ruined or in the process of becoming ruined were replaced by new ones of the same kind, that is to say, lime and taipa ones. So were all the exterrnal frameworks, including the entrance door framework.

10- This renovation was carried out respecting at all times the existing materials, always trying to use the same type of material or similar materials so as to avvoid incompatability and thus future pathologies. For instance, the use of plasters of the same type avvoids future fissures caused by dilatations of different materials, shrinkage and consequent desintegration of the brackets.

  "Bricolage & Decoração" magazine - Photographer Paulo Barros Fernandes



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