"A Dream Comes True"

ome severely damaged beams were replaced trying at the same time to use the original ones whenever possible. Silicate waste wool material was used to obtain better thermal/acoustic insulation between floors. One of the bays of one of the existing main walls was rebuilt using the same original building principle: Gaiola pombalina. A Cruz de Santo André filled with lime mortar stone. The new partition walls started then to be built in wood as before. This option allowed us to recreate the floor structure and then lay the wooden floors. With the structure well secured it was possible to open the new bays on the façades and to reinforce them.
New water, sewage, electricity and gas systems were installed.
The partition walls were lined with cartooned plaster plates, but the plates used on the walls and ceilings of the bathroom and kitchen were hydrophuge, lined with Viúva Lamego 10x10 azulejos.

The WC's were equipped with Italian Luce ceramics and two white lacquered counter cupboards that were also equipped with a white fake stone.
The kitchen cupboards are standard German GEBA of a colour between grey and inox.

In order to maintain the original building method the structure were the bathtub was laid was also a wood structure. Avoiding, thus, using different materials and avoiding the expansion variability in order to prevent future pathologies.

The bedrooms' ceilings were lined with normal cartooned plaster at the place where a polyester extruded simple line cove was introduced. The living room and dining room were lined with a fake ceiling with wooden casings.

The remaining walls were scraped, and the roughcast and stucco redone.

Finally we started to paint the interior walls. The colours chosen were dim white for the walls and egg-shell white for the ceilings and doors. In the dining room one of the walls was lined with birch wood panels to render it less monotonous and warm a little bit the room. We kept the same interior doors after adapting them to the new situation with the exception of the two small stair landing doors that are new. The house is equipped with a central heating Vulcano gas system for comfort.

  "Bricolage e Decoração" Magazine - Photographs by Sara Matos e David Aço.


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