"It is in the recovering of antiques that the past still has a future"

After the works
We recovered the corridor marblings. The rotten or damaged woods were replaced by others of the same type of material. It was possible to build two more spaces in the attic due to the difference in levels, a bedroom and living room with about 20 sq metres. Door-frames and window-frames, windows and
shutters were rebuilt following the same characteristics of the original ones. Walls were plastered and painted.

The floor was replaced by a smoothed and varnished with mate varnish pinewood floor.

All the remaining architecture was kept with the exception of a second kitchen on the first floor that was now transformed into a bathroom.

Wood was chosen for the floor, cupboards and seat cover of the toilet. When we were looking for framings and fittings we chose an enamelled short legged bath-tub. At the place of the former wash basin in the window bay we built a bench.

Before the works


  "Bricolage e Decoração" Magazine - Photographs by Sara Matos e David Aço




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