"It is in the recovering of antiques that the past still has a future"


On the ground floor where the barber shop used to be, we built a quite spacious living room connected to the entrance hall through a staircase specially designed for that purpose. With the main wall and modern techniques we reinforced the existing supports, building a new bay to give access to the new modern and practical kitchen full of light and very sober.
The floor of the ground floor was replaced by rustic and handmade tiles. A stove was installed to heat the whole house.
The high level of humidity in the walls was one of the most difficult things we had to deal with during the works.
A bathroom and a laundry were built on the ground floor exactly at the same spot as the former bathroom.

The kitchen pinewood cupboards were specially designed for that space. The ceilings of the bathroom and kitchen were made in cartooned hydrophuge plaster.


  "Bricolage e Decoração" Magazine - Photographs by Sara Matos e David Aço.




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